Bronze sculpture of a Native American woman in front of the neoclassical facade of the Oklahoma State Capitol building.
As Long as the Waters Flow, bronze sculpture by Allan Houser (1989), in front of the Oklahoma State Capitol, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, from Wikimedia Commons.

Carved in relief on an old stone wall is a plaintive female figure, arms outreached, eyes skyward, who can be clearly seen. Less visible are the much shallower reliefs, the carvings of people, mostly men with mustaches, who seem to hover around her.
Monument aux victimes des Révolutions, by Paul Moreau-Vauthier, from Wikimedia Commons.

A close up view of the head and arms of a large statue. The statue’s face is tranquil, and the lines are drawn as in Ancient Egyptian statues. With one arm the figure reaches up to touch her hair, which unfurls in a way which suggests the surface of the sea.
Los Pescadores, by Francisco Zúñiga, from Wikimedia Commons.

Statue of Jimmy Carter by Frederick Hart. Atlanta, Georgia. From Wikimedia Commons.

“Fire-eater and attendant.” Gouache painting by an unknown Chinese artist, c. 1850, from the Wellcome Collection.

Toussaint, gazing seriously and dreamily upward, dressed in French military uniform, as depicted in a bronze bust, set in front of light green leafy trees.
Bust of Toussaint Louverture, by Ludovic Booz, donated to the city of Bordeaux, France, in 2004, by the Republic of Haiti, from Wikimedia Commons.

Illustration from Thank You Dr. Salk, from Macmillan.

Individual frames from newsreel footage of the 1961 civl rights march to the South Carolina State House, with students under arrest in the courtroom at the jail in the final frames.
Reverend I. DeQuincey Newman, Frederick Hart, and others arrested for participating in a civil rights march at the South Carolina State House, Columbia, South Carolina, March 2, 1961, from University of South Carolina Civil Rights Films, Moving Image Research Collections.

Gargoyles at the Cathedral Church of Saint Peter (Cologne Cathedral) in Cologne, Germany, from Wikimedia Commons.

From left: NASA Administrator James Webb, Vice President Lyndon Johnson, NASA Launch Center Director Kurt Heinrich Debus, President John F. Kennedy, and others at Cape Canaveral, 11 September, 1962. (NASA image)

Lain Hart

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